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Protect your brand, business and product names with Bulldot Domain Monitoring

Protect your brand and business name with domain monitoring! The Internet has entered a new era which started out with the launch of all the exciting oppotunities the new domain endings provides. Together with opportunities, businesess also face a growing number of threats. Your business name, your product names and your brand name can be registered on the many new domain endings, and that can create a number of problems. If new websites appear with your brand name, but with irrelevant or damaging content, your placement in search engines may be damaged. Your customers and business connections can be led to other websites which are trying to harm your brand by showing inappropriate content, transfering virus to the visitors computer or in other ways try to trick the visitors.

Bulldot are experts in domain names and domain monitoring. We help businesses gaining an overview of their brand, trademarks, business and product names on the Internet. With more than 1400 different domain endings, overview is the key. We’re keeping track of your brand and sends you a repport every month which gives you an easy overview.

If your brand name, business name etc. gets registrered as a part of a domain name, we will immidiately send you a live alert and all accessable information regarding this domain. You will be able to take action right away and we would also love to help you with that.

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