Brandjacking – What the F@#%K?

Brandjacking – What the F@#%K?

Alongside with the new life the internet has gotten with all the new gTLD’s  and the endless possibilities this creates for brands and companies, there is also an increasing large number of new threats arising.

We need to learn new words like “brandjacking”, “Threadjacking”, “Phishing” and the meaning of those.

Brandjacking can be described as an act of sabotage. When one person or company uses the brand and reputation of an existing person or company to help promote or sell their own product. When a person takes over the online identity of another person or company. Either with playful or malicious intent to control that business’s or person’s brand equity.

Here’s a made up example of a competitor using some other company’s branded keywords to attract users to their website.

Let’ say that I’m looking to buy a Playstation but whenever I search for “Playstation” on google “X-Box’s” website appears in my search results. If I don’t have a preference I might just end up buying the instead. If these brand abusers are in the same line of business, like Playstation and X-box, they could steal potential customers!

Brandjacking can destroy your company!

Brandjacking can be devastating to a company or brand. Therefor it’s important to take into consideration what options you have to prevent this from happening. The new gTLDs makes it a lot easier for brandjackers to obtain the domain names of their “victims”. So it´s extremely vital that you have focus on domain portfolio management. This can help you reduce the threats of domain jacking significantly.


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