About Bulldot

The new generic domain endings (gTLDs) have potential to influence how we use the Internet in the future. In a time where online is more common than offline, where business happens 24/7, and where companies and businesses needs to cater to their customers around the clock, has keeping track of your brand never been more important or relevant.

We believe that in a few years the way we search and use the internet will have changed. Internet users today are used to search for .com or a country specific TLD. The majority of website owners and companies believe that if they want to be successful online, they need to own the .com domain with their name - both for the sake of image and traffic. A few years from now, that will have changed. There are currently more then 180.000.000 domains registered on .com, which makes it increasingly more and more difficult to find a good available domain name on .com, and also pumps up the price for good .com domains, to a level where only enterprise can follow.
SMBs will have no choice other than to go for a new gTLD when registering their first domain name.

Seeing thoudsands of new domain name endings being brought to life, increases the importance for companies to be aware of fraudlent registrations and use of their company name. Providing you with the best possible tools to monitor your brand name, Bulldot can help your company gain the full overview of how your company name is being used on the Internet.

Bulldot is an international oriented brand protection company, who understands that knowledge is the best weapon against online fraud. With an innovating approach Bulldot provide brand and domain monitoring solutions that creates immidiate value and results for companies all over the world.

Bulldot want to be the preferred brand protection partner for companies across the globe. Our way of thinking brand and domain monitoring disrupts the conventional thinking about how monitoring should be done. By providing competitive monitoring products, we want to make it affordable for SMBs to monitor the use of their brand on domain names and gain an easy low-cost overview, which enables them to react fast and efficient when they encounter any violations of their brand name.