How to name your company

How To Name Your Company: Get Our 15 Valuable Tips!

One of the most important decisions you will make when starting a new business is to name your company. Selecting your new company’s name is a thing that needs critical thinking, because it defines your company and is an important part of your company’s identity. Depending on what type of company you are starting, your name might also provides the first information about goods and services you offer.

Many people find it problematic to come up with good names for their new company. In the following article I will be providing you with awesome tips that will put you through how to successfully name your company.


This is the 15 ultimate key tips on how to name your company.


Tip 1: A successful name should be short and powerful

Before I proceed, I would like you to think of these globally successful brands; Apple, Nike, Samsung, Pepsi. If you noticed well, you would see that these names, despite being short, are powerful. So you’ll need to make sure your company’s name does not exceed 12 characters.

Tip 2: Good company names should have bold texture and clarity

You immediately know a great brand’s name when you see or hear it. These names are simple and easy to say. Your company’s name should sound right when you say it. You will need a name that’s clear and easy to pronounce. You also will want to avoid a name that has a difficult spelling. Remember, the easier your name is to pass across, the easier it will be for your customers to recall.

Tip 3: Your Company’s name should be expandable and integrated

When you name your company you don’t want to pick a name that is too stereotyped to a geographical or product scope. So you choose a name, for example, “Dallas Everyday Pizza Delivery Company”, (aside that it’s too lengthy), you are limiting yourself to Dallas, Texas. So be careful of including a specific product or service to your company’s name. “The Hotdog Joint” will limit the product offering, for example; thereby making expansion very difficult.

Tip 4: Avoid names with numbers, hyphens and other non-alphabetic characters

Generally speaking, numbers and hyphens will only get your customers confused. Try sticking with alphabetic characters, or at least stay within an alphanumeric name. Even If you decide to use a non-alphabetic character like &, %, @, #, you’ll want to pay particular attention to clear communication. For example, “Big!Trucks” uses an exclamation mark in the middle of their name. Though It looks great on their signage, but it is a little confusing without the graphic elements. Additionally, the exclamation mark is not a valid domain character, so the firm will not have an exact match domain name.

Tip 5: Make sure the domain name is available

On the internet today, the .com domain extension signifies business. So you will want to select a name that has a matching .com domain name available for it. For most companies, a great name is of little use except you have the exact-match domain. It’s quite easy to find out if the name has registered or still available.
Check out ownership at

Tip 6: Ensure that the name can be legally used

There is nothing that gives a bigger headache that coming up with an awesome name, only to find in use somewhere else. You need a name that that is highly unique to your business and does not infringe on the rights of another company. You can check the free search available online at the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) database and also the European Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trademarks and Designs).

Tip 7: Consider the global translation of the name

If you have the intention of marketing your goods and services outside on your home country, you will need a name that will be accepted universally. You can run the names you have in mind through Google Translate, or any other translators to see if your name has the same meaning in other languages.

Tip 8: A good name must fit the field you operate

You don’t want to name your company “Teddy Chemicals” while you sell clothes, it just doesn’t fit. You won’t only be the only one patronizing, but people will think you need help. Ensure you select a name that works with your field.

Tip 9: Select a catchy and trendy name

Your company’s name should be trendy and appealing to the ear, not a name that will sound old in a few years. It may take some critical thinking, but it is of a very high importance that you pick a name that flows with time.

Tip 10: Excellent company names don’t favor competitors

You don’t want to select a name that has anything similar to your competitor’s name. If your competitor is bigger than you, you will fall flat to your face. For example, naming your company “Bucci” will only make people think it’s the misspelt version of “Gucci”.

Tip 11: Your company’s name should be easily abbreviated

You will need a name that won’t be a hard work to abbreviate. For instance, “Warner Bros” can be easily abbreviated as “WB”. Abbreviations help people to remember your company’s name faster. Make sure you bear this in mind.

12: Logo-friendly and Print-friendly

Your company’s name must be appealing to your customers’ eyes. Be sure to consider how it looks on business cards, signs, stationeries, etc. The better your company name looks, the more customers you get.

13: Try using coined names

You might not have noticed, but coined names tend to help you with a more creative and trendy company name, because they always have creativity written all over. Making use of “Camon” as your company’s name will make it obvious that you are a photographer. “Cam” means camera, so “cam” + “on” means “camera on”. Who puts the camera on? You tell me.

14: Avoid Unusual Spellings

You will want to avoid spelling your company’s name in a way that will only look meaningful to you, but Greek to your customers. You will only be making a big mistake, if you do that. It is highly imperative that you use a name your customers will find easy to spell. If you mean “Famous,” don’t spell it “Phaymus”.

15: Write down a 100 names

This may sound like work to you, but it works. Write as many names as possible; while some names might sound funny to you, they may end up being that golden name you make use of. Even if you can’t get a straight name out of the list, you might be able to combine two silly names to get an awesome one.


By now, I believe you must be smiling as bright names come to your mind. Following the simple tips I listed below will help you a great deal on how to name your company. Enjoy!


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