How to sell your domain name

How To Sell Your Domain Name – Get Our Awesome DIY Tips!

There are moments when we decide to let go of a particular domain we’ve held on to for some time. The reason behind wanting to sell a domain name varies. It could be that you are no longer in need of the domain, or the domain was purchased in bulk and has never been used. One challenge people always encounter when trying to sell their domain is that they most times do not know the right and necessary steps that can be followed to get their domain names sold. In this article I will be giving you a number of awesome tips on how to sell your domain name.


Important DIY-tips: How to sell your domain name

Whatever reason you have for wanting to sell your domain, I will be giving you important DIY tips to follow, in order to achieve successfully selling your domain name.


Determine your domain’s worth:

An important advice on how to sell your domain name, before putting your domain name up for sale, is to take stock of its value in order to arrive at a reasonable price. There are many factors to consider when determining the value of a domain, so if you are not sure, it is advisable for you to contact a company that carries out this assessment. Some of the main factors are:

  • Traffic: This is one of the major determinants of the domain’s worth. The domain’s worth will be highly affected by the number of visitors the domain gets from users typing the URL, searching, or coming from link, especially if these visitors are monetized.
  • Top Level Domains: The most valuable websites are “.com” websites. These are way more valuable than any other top level domain (be it .info, .biz, .net, etc.).
  • Length and Readability: One- and two-word names in English are the most valuable domains. They are especially very valuable if they are directly related to an industry (,, etc.), read well, and are easy to memorize.

Offer a realistic price

For you to quickly sell your domain, you have to come up with a realistic price that matches its value. Domains that sell for relatively high amounts are not ones you come by every day. Except you have a highly sought-after domain, you may not make large amount money from it. It will be very advantageous if you offer a price that’s worth the domain you are selling.

Put up a “For Sale” sign

Displaying a “For Sale” message on your website is one of the most assured ways of getting the best offer. This brings to the awareness of your visitors, that you want to sell your domain, and they can start bidding. There are numerous ways to go about this:

  • Lots of domain registrars provide simple and free websites. You can make use the tools they provide to create a basic page that signifies that your domain is for sale. You could also add a link to the domain listing or include your contact information (be careful of spamming, when you do this).
  • You can design a sales page on one of your existing websites, and then redirect all of the domains you have for sale to that sales page.
  • Edit the domain’s WHOIS information to indicate that you want to sell it. This can be done by adjusting your registration information to show that you want to sell the domain. For example, the “Domain for Sale” statement can be added to the end of owner’s name.

Park your domain

You can also consider registering your domain with a domain parking service, if you are uncertain about the possibility of getting your domain sold soon. One advantage you have is that these sites will generate an automatic landing page for your domain, which will contain adverts. These adverts can earn you additional money while you wait for a buyer. Most of these parking services include “For Sale” signs and services on the page.

Get you domain listed with a selling service

When looking at how to sell your domain name, there are many selling services you can list your domain with. Though these services take a cut out for the sale, but they are very reliable and fast mean of getting your domain sold easily. Some of these listing services gives you access to add additional comments about the domain you have for sale. This option can help you increase sales.

Listed below, are few trusted and reliable selling services you can make use of:

Hire a domain broker

There are numerous domain sales brokerage services you can select from. These services, though they cost more than a standard listing service, will actively try to help you sell your domain. They yield better results most times. Before you sign any contracts, always do some research about the brokerage service. Ensure their effectiveness and fairness in pricing.

Following the simple tips explained above on how to sell your domain name, will make you achieve selling your domain name quicker than you know it.

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