Pokémon is everywhere - also on 18,233 domains

Pokémon Everywhere – Also On 18233 Domains

According to Bulldot domain monitoring the brand name Pokémon have been registered as a part of 18233 domain names. Since the popular game was released on the 6th of July 2016, almost 7000 domain names containing the brand have been registered.

Everybody wants to make money on Pokémon

Pokémon Go continues to grow massively in popularity and awareness all over the world. These days domain investors are also busy trying to make money on the new game. Our scan shows that 850 domains containing the brand name, are up for sale. Prices are in a wide price-range and goes as high as USD 12500.

Nintendo might be all happy about this!

Many of these domain names maybe used for legitimately purposes, but many of them are at risk to be taken back to Nintendo who are the owner of the Pokémon trademark. The many domain registrations could also turn out to be very possitive for Nintendo by adding to the great awareness.

Stine from Bulldot explains: ”Nintendo could file UDRP cases for each domain or potentially file a massive cybersquatting lawsuit against the domain owners if they decide to act on this. My believe is that a brand owner should always protect their brand from being violated on the Internet. However I think it’s higly unlikely that we will see any actions from Nintendo. I am sure they are monitoring the use of their brands on domain names. But from my point of view, it seems clear that the strategy of Nintendo is to make as much awareness about Pokémon Go as possible. Without a doubt 18233 domain names registered helps on that.”

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